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StarchPack Private Ltd.

In today’s dynamic market, industries demand innovative solutions that enhance product performance and align with sustainable practices. At StarchPack (Pvt.) Ltd. we are proud to introduce our latest offering: high-quality corn starches designed to revolutionize various industrial applications.

Corn starch is a versatile and renewable resource with a wide range of applications. Our corn starch products are meticulously developed and tailored to meet the specific needs of industries such as corrugated carton manufacturing, paper core winding, and paper sack and bag production.

Applications of Corn Starch

Corrugated Carton

Our corn starches serve as superior adhesives for corrugator sheets, ensuring excellent bonding strength and stability in corrugated carton production. Whether used in single or multi-wall constructions, our starches enhance the integrity and durability of corrugated packaging, meeting the stringent demands of modern supply chains.

Paper Core

When it comes to paper core winding, precision and reliability are paramount. Our corn starch-based adhesives excel in this application, facilitating seamless core production with exceptional bonding performance. Whether for industrial paper rolls or consumer packaging, our starches contribute to the structural integrity and efficiency of paper core winding processes.

Paper Sacks & Bags

In the realm of paper sack and bag manufacturing, our corn starches shine as essential components for side and bottom pasting. By providing strong adhesion properties, our starches enable reliable sealing and reinforcement, ensuring that paper sacks and bags withstand the rigors of handling and transportation while maintaining product integrity.
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