DIC Pakistan Limited.

DIC Pakistan Ltd.

DIC Pakistan Ltd. stands as the premier manufacturer of high-quality printing inks in the world. With a rich legacy and a commitment to excellence, we have consistently set the benchmark for performance-based printing solutions across various industries. Our extensive presence spans from Karachi to Peshawar, ensuring reliable access to our top-notch products and services nationwide.

We specialize in producing cutting-edge printing inks & coatings tailored for the sheet-fed offset, flexographic, and printing sectors. Our relentless pursuit of innovation and quality assurance ensures that our customers receive nothing but the best inks for their printing needs.

Offset Inks:

Our offset inks are engineered to deliver superior print results, whether for commercial printing or packaging applications. With a focus on vibrant colors and impeccable consistency, our offset inks elevate the printing experience to new heights.

Water-Based Inks:

Embracing eco-friendly practices, our water-based inks offer a sustainable solution without compromising on performance. Designed for various substrates, these inks provide excellent adhesion and color brilliance while minimizing environmental impact.

Water-Based Coatings:

Enhance the visual appeal and durability of your prints with our range of water-based coatings. From gloss to matte finishes, our coatings add a layer of protection while imparting an expert touch to every project.

UV Coatings:

Experience unparalleled gloss and resistance with our UV coatings. Engineered for high-speed printing and demanding applications, these coatings offer exceptional curing properties and durability, ensuring your prints stand the test of time.
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