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In our competitive environment, it is essential to maintain excellent standards through product quality and services without compromising cost. The need to improve quality and minimizing costs can only be satisfied by a systematic and committed approach with our Customer Support Service, offered in the following areas:

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We're Here to Stick with You!

At Polymers International (Pvt.) Ltd. we understand that the strength of our products is matched only by the quality of our customer support. Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with the assistance you need, whether you have questions about our products, require technical support, or need help with a unique adhesive challenge.

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Reach out to us at (021) 35055361 (EXT:123) for immediate assistance.

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Send your queries to info@polybond.com.pk, and we’ll get back to you within one business day.

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Use our website’s live chat feature for real-time support from our experts.

Comprehensive Support Services:

Product Selection: Detailed information about our product range, applications, and specifications.
Customized Solution: We offer custom-made products to serve your special machine and cost needs.
Technical Assistance: Guidance on the best product for your specific needs, usage tips, and safety information.
Troubleshooting: Solutions for any issues you might encounter with our products.
Order Support: Help with placing orders, tracking shipments, and managing deliveries.

Resources at Your Fingertips

1. What types of adhesives does your company manufacture?
Ans: We manufacture a wide range of adhesives including;
• Water Based Adhesives
• Hotmelt Adhesives
• Powder Based Adhesives

2. Are your adhesives suitable for industrial or consumer use?
Ans: The focus of our business is on industrial applications but yes, our adhesives can cater to both industrial and consumer applications, providing reliable bonding solutions for a diverse range of needs.

3. Can your adhesives withstand extreme temperatures or harsh environments?
Ans: Our adhesives are engineered to withstand a broad spectrum of temperatures and environmental conditions, ensuring durability and reliability in challenging settings.

4. What are the key advantages of using your adhesives over traditional bonding methods?
Ans: Our adhesives offer superior bonding strength, versatility, and ease of application, saving time and cost.

5. Are your adhesives environmentally friendly and compliant with regulations?
Ans: Yes, we prioritize environmental sustainability and regulatory compliance, ensuring that our adhesive formulations meet or exceed industry standards for safety and eco-friendliness.

6. How do you ensure the quality and consistency of your adhesive products?
Ans: We maintain strict quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process, including careful testing procedures and adherence to industry best practices.

7. Do you offer custom adhesive formulations to meet specific customer requirements?
Ans: Yes, we have the capability to develop custom adhesive formulations tailored to the unique needs and specifications of our customers.

8. What industries do you primarily serve with your adhesive solutions?
Ans: Our adhesive solutions find applications across various industries including paper core, printing & packaging, pasting, lamination and more.

9. Can your adhesives bond different types of materials together?
Ans: Absolutely, our adhesives are formulated to bond a wide range of materials including paper, plastics, wood, metal, fabric, foam, etc.

10. What is the typical shelf life of your adhesive products?
Ans: The shelf life of our adhesive products varies depending on the specific product base formulation, but we ensure that all products are labeled with clear expiration dates for optimal performance.

11. Do you provide technical support or assistance for adhesive application and troubleshooting?
Ans: Yes, our experienced technical team is available to provide comprehensive support and guidance on adhesive selection, application methods, and troubleshooting.

12. Are your adhesive products tested for performance and safety?
Ans: Yes, all our adhesive products undergo rigorous testing to ensure both performance and safety, providing peace of mind to our customers.

13. Can your adhesives be used in food-contact applications?
Ans: Some of our adhesive formulations are specifically designed and approved for food-contact applications, meeting FDA and other relevant regulatory requirements.

14. What packaging options are available for your adhesive products?
Ans: We offer a variety of packaging options including buckets, cans, drums and bulk containers, catering to different volume and application needs.

15. How can customers request samples or place orders for your adhesive products?
Ans: Customers can easily request samples or place orders through our website, or by contacting our sales team directly for personalized assistance.

Available upon request
Custom Solutions:

Our team is equipped to provide personalized consultations for unique or industrial applications. If you have a specific challenge, we’re here to develop a tailored adhesive solution just for you.

We Value Your Feedback:

Your feedback drives our innovation and improvement. Share your experiences and suggestions with us, so we can continue to provide the best products and services.

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We Value Your Feedback:

Your feedback drives our innovation and improvement. Share your experiences and suggestions with us, so we can continue to provide the best products and services.

Contact Us:

Stay updated with the latest news, product launches, and tips:


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